Objection for architects to be held responsible for on site incidents

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Calling all concerned architects for our voices to be heard.

It was recently reported that OSHA (link: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/03/01/amendments-to-osha-to-be-tabled-in-parliament-this-month/ ) is going to be tabled in Parliament to held owners and architects responsible for incidents on site. We object because:

1. As quasi arbitrator and administrator of the contract, the architect must not be related to any site activity as this would constitute a fundamental conflict of interest - if we had our interest vested in site incidents, surely the client (in many cases the government) would be compromised as we would have to be biased towards the contractor/site issues.

2. Architect is not party to the building contract so this demand is not legally sound.

3. Safety officers for construction are certified by DOSH and not architects.

#ArchitectsUnite Malaysia