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Object to the Introduction of Huge Factory Farms into the UK - Foston, Derbyshire


Foston Pig Factory, Derbyshire

UK Company, Midland Pig Producers (MPP) is applying (application CW9/0311/174) to build an indoor pig factory farm on a green field site near the village of Foston, Derbyshire. If the plans are approved it would be one of the largest factory farms in the UK, containing 2,500 mother pigs (sows) and around 25,000 pigs, with 1,000 going for slaughter each week.   

If you don’t want to see massive US-scale pig factories entering the UK, then please sign this petition and better yet, object directly by registering your opposition to the plans on the Derbyshire County Council website.

Two local MPs, Heather Wheeler & Chris Williamson, district councillor Julie Patten, South Derbyshire District Council, Friends of the Earth and the Soil Association have already objected alongside over 30,000 others.

Because the pigs are confined in crowded and stressful conditions, and the piglets weaned before their immune systems have properly developed, they need antibiotics to keep them alive. The widespread use of antibiotics on farm animals has helped increase the number of antibiotic resistant diseases that pass from pigs to humans.

Despite the plans for an anaerobic digester which would process the waste and collect methane, there could still be air and water pollution from the waste slurry. Locals will also suffer from an increase in lorries transporting a thousand pigs a week out of the site and delivering animal feed and fuel for the anaerobic digester.

Many small farmers will be unable to compete with pork from such mega farms, as is outlined in the Soil Association and WSPA report.

Why not support real farming by taking a Pig Pledge today and join the growing number of people who are only buying meat from real farms, not animal factories (or going meat-free altogether). Through the power of our purses, it is possible to free pigs from the intensive conditions that impact the health of animals, people and the planet. Find out more:


Letter to
ES Planning Control Derbyshire County Council (ES Planning Control)
In spite of opposition from the majority of local residents, there have been no significant alterations to the plans put forward by Midland Pig Producers (MPP) for a 25,000 factory pig farm near the village of Foston (CW9/0311/174). A major concern to local residents is the failure to address the following health impacts:
- Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR)
- Emissions of bioaerosaol particulates PM 10 and PM 2.5

The air filtration systems onsite cannot successfully prevent antibiotic-resistant organisms from escaping, nor will the biodigester kill all such bacteria. The filtration system MPP plan to use has been found to be only 73% effective at times (see ES Appendix 1b, p23).

The proposed site is less than 150 metres upwind from a women’s prison and natal unit, and less than 100 metres from a number of residential properties. At the request of the Environment Agency, MPP provided an Odour Impact Assessment, but did not specify any measures to prevent antibiotic-resistant organisms and endtoxins from escaping the site and affecting the health of people living downwind, which includes over 400 inmates and staff of Foston Prison.

The Dutch Health Protection Agency (GGD Netherlands) issued a statement ( in September 2011 which concluded:

“No intensive livestock farm should be built within a radius of 250 metres of sensitive locations.

The measurable concentrations of endotoxins and livestock-specific MRSA-bacteria decrease up until a background concentration at a distance of 1000 metres. Because of this, GGD Netherlands is of the opinion that when there is a distance of 250--1000 meters between an agricultural development area or company and a living area an additional risk assessment by a health expert must be carried out.”

A report ( published for the Dutch government by the Health Council of the Netherlands, published in September 2012, says:

“…the use of air scrubbers enabled many pig farms to limit their odour emissions and expand the scale of their operations. The fact is, however, that the operating efficiency of air scrubbers at many farms leaves much to be desired. As a result, there is an increased risk that local residents will suffer severe odour nuisance.”

In addition, the livestock- specific MRSA bacteria was detected more frequently and in higher concentrations within a radius of 1,000 meters of livestock farms.”

The UK Health Protection Agency confirms these risks in its own Position Statement ( on Intensive Farming:
“Recent research in the United States found that those living up to 150 metres downwind of an intensive swine farming installation could be exposed to multi-drug resistant organisms.”

Authorities in the Netherlands and Germany have in the past six months refused permission for the building of several intensive indoor pig facilities and have ordered some existing plants to be scaled down in size:


I hope that you will take these points into consideration and reject this proposal.

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