Object to Mega Pig Farm proposal in Limavady, N.Ireland

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The planning application for a 20,000+ pig/year factory farm constitutes a major risk to both human and animal well being, as well as a serious threat to the local environment. Please sign this petition, and/or use our template letter to put forward an objection in your own words. This petition will be acknowledged by the local council, but a letter in your own words will have the most impact.

Over recent years, Northern Ireland has become over-run with applications for factory pig and poultry farms, with new pig factory proposals set to bring the Northern Ireland total production to 1.3 million pigs for slaughter each year. Backed by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA, the Northern Ireland government’s agri industry-led strategy called Going for Growth aims to replace 26,000 family farms with 6,000 factory farms. The associated anaerobic digesters (ADs) need exactly the same amount of green silage added to run, thereby doubling the amount of slurry needing to be spread. The total pig slurry produced by NI pig factories will total 1.1 million tonnes of slurry per year; the equivalent of  sewage from 12 million people - the total Northern Ireland population is just 1.8 million people.

People living near existing pig farms in Northern Ireland are already suffering from stench from the spreading of hundreds of thousands of tons of slurry.  As well as extremely unpleasant and antisocial for locals living near, the stench is a toxic brew of allergens, fungi, viruses, bacteria and antibiotic resistant bacteria that can spread for miles around, posing a catastrophic threat to the health of the general public.  

Ammonia emissions for N.Ireland are now over 4 times that of the other UK nations. 90% of natural habitats have exceeded their limits of nitrogen at which ecological damage occurs such as fish kills from eutrophication of the rivers and loughs and a massive reduction in bird numbers from depleted soils and ecosystems such as marshes, estuaries and peat bogs, ruining the beautiful landscapes that pull in hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. House prices are also at threatened, reaching rock bottom when a factory farm is proposed nearby. The local economy is also suffering as money is sucked out of the community and put into the coffers of foreign investors.

With a further 15 pig factories seeking planning consent, and a cascade of maladministration from the Ministry of Agriculture, local people are protesting about the potential impact on their health, local environment and local economy and demanding a moratorium, from their non-existent government at Stormont and from UK Government in Westminster, on any more planning permits for factory farms.

If given the go ahead, this intensive pig factory will set a dangerous precedent for the future of pig farming in the UK. Help us stop Limavady pig factory by objecting now.

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