Planning objection for the installation of a 12.5m comms pole on residential Llanrwst Road

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Vodafone have submitted plans to install a colossal 12.5m Monopole on LLanrwst road opposite Sunningdale Avenue. Despite the need for better comms in the heights this site is categorically the wrong location. This installation will be out of character with the design of the surrounding area and will be an alien and unsympathetic intrusion to the domestic environment and the local community. The pole by virtue of its stark metallic structure and cumbersome array of associated cabinets would be over dominant in the street scene. It would tower over neighbouring properties and be installed a mere 4 metres from my house!!!!! The environmental and visual impact are the main reason for the objection however the installation of such a device so close to  the local school and playgroup is also a concern given the unknown affects of the resulting waves on the human population, more importantly our children. This installation would be approx 250 metres from the school and only 100 metres from playgroup. Some countries take a sensible cautionary approach not installing within a radius of  500m from any early years school until more is know on the health implications of prolonged exposure! Is it worth the risk for a better phone signal? As my children will play within 1m of this pole and sleep within 10m, I think not, and am not willing to take the risk. Please help support the local community by signing the petition to have this application refused due to the extended impact it will have on the surrounding area and our local community.

The application and docs can be viewed on the conwy council site, search planning applications for 0/43346

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