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Who cares. Onto more important things...Oh my God. Obama tries to Morandize to keep the truth from us. I guess the war on terror is not over since he personally killed Osama. P.O.S. for a president. Goes to this extent of risking the entire country's safety for image! My fellow Bostonians are dead or recovering from lost limbs. Only Howie Carr and Jeff Cuhner tell it like it is. Appreciate you telling it like it is sirs. Anyone who's buying this media story of unsupported, unfunded is pretty dumb. I hope some of you low information voters out there can grasp what is being said in this article and make the connection being made here. In review of this article I'd like to point out that Canada Free Press is reporting that Muslims are celebrating Boston Bombings. Interesting how the American press is in the back pocket of the USA president and the entire Democratic party. That's why this type of story won't show up in the American press down here. Thank you Canada Free Press for having the guts to tell the disturbing but yet important story. We Americans have to be woken up to who we are dealing with and start keeping a watchful eye on our neighbors of certain descent. Sad but true. Please share this message fellow Americans. God bless all those harmed and the brave police officers who brought this incident to an end. Best wishes to all true Americans. Keep your eyes open for neighbors odd activities and don't be afraid to report what you believe to be suspicious. One lady reported to her local newspaper yesterday that she had been a client of the boys mother for six years for facials and she noticed a change in the mother's behavior a year ago when she started to comment on the 911 attack as a hoax by USA government. She began to wear the full body veil when going outside which she'd she'd never ever done in the past. Now wishes she'd reported the anti American behaviour, but just like most of us would, just kinda ignored the signs. Better to err on the side of caution these days. There are certainly more terrorist plants and we need to at least recognize and report. Let the authorized investigators decide if there is really a danger or not. Did you folks know that the boys mother was caught stealing over a thousand dollars worth of clothing in the same store at the finish line that caught her sons on video? Great example of karma and what a P.O.S. family-friendly unit they were. How dare their father criticize your United States! Again God bless America the home of the free where we live free or die defending our freedom. Keep questioning our government to learn the truth. Don't believe anything this current obamagucci hollywood administration says.

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