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80% of all people are poisoning ourselves and we don't even realize it so if we really want to eat healthier as a nation, we really need to know what the right foods are for our particular and individual body. A quinoa or oatmeal allergy makes some 'healthy' foods wrong choices for some of us. Correct foods will lower obesity, many diseases and medications to cover symptoms. We also need to continue efforts for affordable nutritional food for all people.

Letter to
ObamaCare, Michelle Obama & Dr. Jill Biden, and Health Care Decision Makers
All Humans will benefit from a Food Allergy Blood Test.
A woman we know has a compelling story and so many of us have similar experiences:
"I am the only kid of 5 kids without colon disease and 3 generations of colon disease, obesity and heart disease, the women in my family have been dying in their 50's and/or in wheel chairs early in life. I paid out of pocket over $1000 to find out what foods I needed to eat and paying more for the right foods. My result has been I have dropped 70 lbs and transformed by health & well being along with my body. "
We all need to have access to this knowledge of our food allergies.
Please make this "Food Allergy Blood Test" available for all people to know what foods are poisoning us and which foods are nourishing us.
This goes hand-in-hand with our nation's movement to eating healthier.

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