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Urge Obama to revise the school system in The United States

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The topic of education is a really important issue in The United States today. The school system needs to be revised and renewed so that all education is high enough quality to benefit all children. Today American children are able to receive free education from kindergarten through the end of high school, but it is often times not as good an education as it should be. In my English 1A class we looked at many essays regarding the school system and the myth that it can bring empowerment to all people. One essay in particular made me realize that the school system is in desperate need of an update in quality for every school regardless of if it is in an area of low income families or higher income families. The essay is called “I Just Wanna Be Average” written by Mike Rose. In this selection he writes of growing up in Los Angeles and his experience of high schools there. His school had a different learning track for students that were deemed less capable called the “vocational track” and he states that the school system basically teaches these students dead-end skills and has them do busy work to get by. Rose also mentions the fact that many teachers in this school were very underprepared or incompetent. He says these students are educationally underprivileged and often times have tremendous unrealized potential. I propose that the school system should be taken on as a whole to hire teachers that are fully equipped to teach the subject they are administering. This petition is to urge Obama to have preschool readily available to all American children regardless of their family’s financial situation. The sooner a child starts learning the better off they will be for their whole life. By giving children a high quality preschool education before kindergarten they will be able to realize their potential early on and it reduce a lot of other problems in America today. I also propose that American children who graduate from high school receive a more efficient education by equipping them with the skills necessary to enter into the workforce. If High schoolers graduate with an AA degree in a high demand field as well as their high school diploma, it will make many more Americans who are able to be in the workforce and not on the streets doing nothing with their lives after high school. These simple changes will help to ensure a better future for America as well as for the individual. Having a high quality education where the students are able to realize their full potential will reduce poverty, teen pregnancy, and violence among other things. This quality education initiative will enforce lifelong learning so that children will want to better themselves. Since children who are in poverty ridden areas cannot afford a quality education from preschool to college in the United States today, it is up to us to urge Obama so that the school system helps everyone get the best education they need and deserve. Please sign this petition today!

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