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Obama & the US government: An improved path in immigration reform for those already deported.

ADIR (Already Deported Immigration Reform). Include an improved path in new immigration reform for those already deported. The upcoming reform is based on family unity, but there are many of us who have been crying, praying, wishing, fighting, voting, and so on for OUR reform because we have already been torn away from husbands, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, caregivers, fiances, best friends, breadwinners, workers, grandparents, ...We are now struggling between two countries. Some of our families are of mixed citizenship. Kids are torn from their fathers or up rooted to a life they don't understand. Disabled wives are now on welfare programs just to survive. Wives & mothers are struggling to survive. Phone bills are outrageous. The longing for those we love is worse. Some of don't know how we will survive even now! Some have tried to move with them (I personally ended up in the ER twice & almost died out of my country) Please hear our cries. We want our loved ones back too, even if they've already been torn away. It wasn't right. Fix this too. Help us also in the new reform!

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The White House Obama & the US government
DHS Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano
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Create an improved path in immigration reform for those already deported.