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Petitioning President Barack Obama

Obama should create a law, just like there is one in Massachussetts, that ends discrimination for lgbt people applying for a job

This is very important to the entire community, not only to lgbtq people, but also to allies. Every human was created equally, it is about time that the United States recognizes them, despite their sexuality or their gender. When will President Obama stand by his word? It is about time we show him what lgbtq people have to go through every day.


DynCorp, a military contractor which profits from billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars, was recently exposed for running a hostile work environment in which one employee was bullied at work and called “faggot,” “queer” and “dick-sucker” on a daily basis. After more than 50,000 citizens signed a petition on, DynCorp finally agreed to add LGBT protections to its anti-harassment policies. However, many more companies will take this positive step once you approve the executive order that your staff has already drafted and recommended you sign. In fact, research by the Williams Institute shows that by issuing an executive order, you will cover more than 16 million additional workers against LGBT discrimination.


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