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This petition was created to spread awareness and encourage action on climate change. We seek strong leadership and immediate action in preserving a livable climate. So, let your voice be heard.  Please sign this petition.  Get your friends and family to sign it too.  If we can get President Obama to effectively speak up about climate, we can preserve a livable climate on Earth for ourselves, for our children, and for many generations to come.  Please sign now, and spread the word.  Thank you!

Letter to
President of the United States
We are writing to you to urgently plea for your bold leadership in fighting climate change. We need you to give a "State of the Climate Address, and NOW!

Be a strong leader and do what is needed to preserve both American technological leadership and a livable climate for all. We ask you to take immediate steps to help millions of misinformed Americans become informed about the reality of rapid, human-caused climate change, and the importance of acting now. Delaying an aggressive conversion to green energy dangerously increases the chances that we'll reach unstoppable climate tipping points.

All environmentally concerned groups and individuals from around the world look forward to your immediate attention to this issue, before it is too late. Thank you!


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