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Obama is stripping the rights of United States Citizens. He is using Racial Profiling as an excuse to say he cannot be Impeached. WE THE PEOPLE need to come together and get him out A.S.A.P! It is said that we will Have a Civil War on American Soil due to Hyperinfaltion. Lets Get OBAMA out and really make a change, not only for the United States but for our Lives at stake! Obamas Impeachment had began in March due to his Ordering of War in Lybia behind United States back. There is a lot going on in that White House and we only know what the Media tells us. IT"S TIME TO RISE UP NOW!! DONT LET THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN STOP YOU FROM BEING ALIVE AND FREE! WE PAID OUR TAXES, WE SHED BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS FOR MANY YEARS, WORKING AS SLAVES TO SOCIETY. IT IS NOT OUR FAULT THAT THE GOVENMENT CANT BE MORE RESPONSIBLE WITH OUR TAXES AND BUDGETS. ITS THEM NOT US!!! COME ON PEOPLE LETS STAND UP AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

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