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Free Leonard Peltier

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Whereas, common sense dictates a Presidential Pardon to Mr. Leonard Peltier, the American Indian who has been wrongfully imprisoned by the u.s. government for nearly 40 years! for his Self-Defense actions June 26, 1975, and

Whereas, on June 26, 1975, two FBI agents stormed (guns a-blazing in their unmarked car) onto private property of a private home and were shot under the rules of basic, human, self-defense by friends of the homeowners. A group of American Indian Movement (AIM) members - including Leonard Peltier, were present that day to defend the traditional-minded Lakota ‘Sioux’ elder residents, Mr. and Mrs. Jumping Bull. The Jumping Bull’s spoke their ancient Lakota language and practiced their old Lakota way of life, and their lives depended upon the requested, protective presence of AIM and Leonard Peltier.

For years government policy dictated criminalizing anything traditional, such as Lakota customs, religion, language, etc., in order to steal and occupy Lakota land, water, resources, and gold. Traditional people were targets, during the mid-1970’s, by vigilantes of the tribal council of the Pine Ridge Lakota Indian reservation.

BACKGROUND: The Lakota people are of the northern plains region whose homelands surround the He Sapa or Black Jagged-Rocky-Mountains (often called Paha Sapa or the "Black Hills") of present day South Dakota, and whose Lakota territories include western South Dakota, eastern and central Wyoming, and northwestern Nebraska.

The Lakota are of the understanding that the original creation of their race brought them forth from within the Sacred Wind Caves of the He Sapa.

These are the people of the Indigenous hero, Tasunke Witko ‘Crazy Horse’, the famed Lakota Master Hunter. Tasunke Witko was assassinated by u.s. government agents in 1877. His forces defeated the greatest u.s. army general in history - Custer and his 7th Cavalry, in the first, last, and only fair fight between the u.s. and Lakota on June 25, 1876 at the Little Big Horn Battle in southern Montana.

Custer was on direct, sure course to becoming the next u.s. president - ahead in polls by a staggering 85% over his challenger, incumbent Grant. This was until, however, Grant ordered the main and largest group of soldiers who were to assist at the Bighorn, to hold back from the planned noon battle that fateful day - leaving Custer in the unfamiliar, fair battle.

Later after his death, the embarrassing battle would find Custer continually discredited and even demoted by 'history' writers rewriting his reputation of top (Colin Powell-ish) General-Of-The-Day to lower and lower ranks as the years go by (soon he be known as a buck private in command of twenty men with rusty pocket knives).

Prior to this battle, the u.s. army habitually attacked peaceful camps of Lakota women and children, brutalizing and murdering thousands. This strategy culminated with a re-established 7th avenging the 1876 Custer defeat on December 29th, 1890, with a massacre of 453 innocent Lakota along Wounded Knee Creek in the heart of what is now called the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The Lakota were previously disarmed six miles away the day prior near Porcupine Butte amid media propaganda that the Indians were crazed with a ghost dance cult - lowly government misinformation in attempts to justify the murders.

Tasunke Witko died fighting to protect the sacred Black Hills from illegal gold mining, theft, and occupation by the invading u.s. government in violation of the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie. Crazy Horse was a citizen of the Lakota Nation, of the large Nakota Nation of peoples whose citizens include the people with the language dialects of the Nakota, DaNakota, Dakota, and Lakota.

The Nakota Nation is signatory to the 1851 Treaty, and the Lakota refer to it as the Treaty of Long Meadows. The 1851 Treaty is an international agreement between the government of the United States and eight Indigenous Red Indian Nations of the northern plains region of Great Turtle Island (the western hemisphere). These Indigenous homelands include portions of present day Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming.

The necessary female aspect for the authorization of this Treaty was secured through the ancient Oyate Omniciye or Circle Meeting of the Men and Women of the Camp for years prior to the Treaty, as the wise Lakota needed to get something signed on paper in the way of the white man so that the future generations of today could hold the document up for honoring.

The sacred Canunpa (misnomer Peace Pipe) has its origins with the Nakota Nation, with the DaNakota as care-takers of the sacred Red Stone Quarries from where the pipestone is harvested in southwestern Minnesota. The so-called Peace Pipe, famed in movies and known to common, american school kids, was labeled a religion, its ways outlawed by the u.s. government. Use of it by the Lakota went underground as they were forced onto concentration camps called reservations.

The Canunpa was also falsely misunderstood to hold marijuana or other mind altering herbs and is often alleged by the government and media as a vessel for getting ‘high’ - although the sacred usage of the Canunpa is simply to give sober thanks to Grand Mother Earth and Grand Father Sky through the ceremonial smoking of Willow Bark and Tobacco during most special occasion.

The traditional Nakota understand that they are not superior to Minerals, Animals, Trees, Insects, Birds, and Nature in general, and are thankful for all of Nature and its provisions (the only way to achieve true happiness). They did not harbor ‘beliefs’, nor did they believe in a god, a devil, or other objects of the human imagination. In fact, to take the life of a Tree would require great ceremony and would require the offering of Tobacco and thanksgiving to the root of that tree.

The original White Buffalo Calf Canunpa which maintains the Seven Great Ceremonies of the Nakota was present during the Treaty of Long Meadows signing during September of 1851. At the Treaty gathering, over 60 thousand Indigenous people of the nine Red Nations were in attendance, along with the authorized Treaty representatives of the u.s. government, led by D. D. Mitchell.

The affair was one of the largest gatherings of Indigenous peoples in recent times. The camp was so immense, the thousands of Tipi's had to be relocated three times during the course of three weeks, with the Treaty finally agreed upon and signed on September 17, 1851, along Horse Creek in what is now western Nebraska.

The 1851 Treaty was the most important and last, final legal Treaty between the u.s. and Nakota Nation. Years later in 1868, however, a unilateral, illegal, fake-treaty was concocted by u.s. agents in 1868 utilizing a few paper chiefs in attempts to hide the 1851.

But the 1851 Treaty of Long Meadows was forever to be protected from violation through Article VI of the United States Constitution, which states, "Treaties made with Indian nations shall be the supreme law of the land, with the judges in every state bound thereby." Today unbroken yet VIOLATED daily.

American Indian tribal councils were set up by an illegal act of congress in 1934 to more or less remove women from the Indigenous governing process and to begin the final step of Indian termination (making Indians into simply poor Americans or 'minorities', with no land base).

The American Indian Movement - of which Leonard Peltier was an active member - prevented termination, which now allows Indians to practice Life Renewal ‘Sweat Lodge’, Sun Dance, and other previously outlawed ceremonies (however yet christianized inpractice - getting back to Grand Mother Earth soon).

In 1975, the harassment of traditionals was a u.s./tribal council puppets attempt to thwart awareness of the quest for resources such as uranium, the main ingredient in nuclear bombs and nuclear radiation waste contamination. Today, we see this same type of resource theft and puppet governing implanting occurring in Iraq, where the labeled savage, uncivilized, bad Iraqis need to be dealt with, while, quite conveniently, the government also secures the oil wells as this Iraqi Problem gets sorted out (which probably won't happen until the oil is all stolen). Current media/government figures are as of yet unavailable as to how many trillions worth of the Iraqi people’s black gold has been spirited from Iraq oil fields and into the hands of Exxon Mobil and Halliburton since the Bush invasion.

Over nine TRILLION dollars worth of Lakota Black Hills gold currently sits as stolen property in Fort Knox, Kentucky. Should oppressed Sioux Nation peoples be allowed to think freely, via practicing their ancient ways and the subsequent ascertainment of the old Lakota wisdom and common sense understanding, the occupation of their lands and resources would become most evident to them.

(Exposure to these unknown, unspoken facts regarding the government’s unknown, unspoken "Indian Problem" may unveil these hidden, genocidal policies of the u.s.a. government and could seep into the awareness of the mainstream American people (voters and church-goers) - making them finally do right and good in the world.

Whereas, the two FBI agents, 38 years ago, entered the Jumping Bull property in an unmarked vehicle - guns blazing - and were killed by Indigenous Patriots protecting their relative's grandchildren and homes and was purely in self-defense (a courtroom defense was not even allowed to be claimed by Peltiers attorneys in the racist federal court in North Dakota).

There was self defense deaths that June day but there was only one murder - the death of AIM member Joseph Stuntz. To this day his murder has been uninvestigated and no one has yet to be charged. The only other murder that may occur is if Leonard Peltier is allowed to rot and die in prison by Barack Obama.

Former president Clinton had a perfect opportunity to pardon Peltier, but he decided speaking engagements were more important (the FBI said they would not protect him during his speeches if he freed Leonard Peltier).

Therefore Be It Resolved,

that we demand President Barack Obama

immediately offer a Presidential Pardon

before June 21, 2014, to Mr. Leonard Peltier

so that Leonard may join his children and grandchildren

and continue the fight for Indigenous freedom.

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