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Sign this petition to give President Obama a chance to run for a third term.

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We The People Demand, that all of our State Legislatures to form a State Ratifying Convention to augment the 22nd Amendment of the United States Constitution to allow President Obama to run for a third Presidential Term.

There is a war against the working class, woman, minorities, immigrants, and the middle class of America.

We have formed Obama for 3 in order to save our country.  President Obama is the most successful and fair President of our modern era. All of President Obama’s possible replacements have shown either incompetence, decades of scandal, or a vulgar class of unprofessionalism and thuggery unfit for Presidential standards, therefore it is to the detrimental to the safety and prosperity of our country and other nations around the world that President Obama be allowed to come back for a third term. 

The mission of Obama for 3 is extend President Obama’s term limit to give him the option to run and become the first three term President since Franklin D. Roosevelt. Our goal is to accomplish this through State Ratifying Conventions, which would require the “true” voice of the people. This has only happened once in our country, and that is why to accomplish such a feat we have to accomplish something that’s never been done before. Obama for 3 needs to obtain at least 20 million signatures in order to make a country’s dream a reality once again. Lets let the WILL OF THE PEOPLE be heard. Lets keep America moving forward.

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