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Obama & Biden: Show Some Guts At These Debates Already, Geeze!

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When I heard it on the radio, I was so stunned by the news, I had to pull over.  I knew it'd be bad, but not this bad!

Because Obama made no effort to stand up with pride, to boldly respond to the lies during his first debate with the smirking, shape-shifting showman Mitt Romney, a new Pew poll says the Obama ticket lost a huge eight-point lead, and is now losing by four points.

Tell Obama and Biden: Show some guts at these debates and tell it like it is!

How is it possible to be losing the hearts and minds of the American public, to a man who openly admits he plans "not to worry about" 47% of them?  How can you allow a man who had one of the lowest favorability ratings of any presidential candidate in recorded history, to surge like this? 

No matter how you feel about Obama, if you feel we cannot afford another president who has open contempt for at least 47% of America, we have to act. 

Sign to tell Obama and Biden:

Stand up strong against Romney's and Ryan's relentless lies and bulldozing during these debates, not at press conferences after it's already too late. 

Fight back against their bullying. Prove to your base and the swing voters that you will stand up for the truth, for your record, and for the American people. 

Give it all you got, or your campaign is over, and the nightmare of living under a Romney regime becomes our reality.

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