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Obama and Romney: Make a Public Service Announcement Together to Get Out the Vote

Elections can turn pretty negative and the 2012 Presidential race is no exception. Wouldn't it be nice to see Obama and Romney come together and film a public service announcement to send a message to all Americans that, no matter what choice you make, everyone should register to vote and make their voices heard on election day?

I'm a college professor and I talk with other teachers all the time about how part of our job is to encourage young people to be active citizens. Democracy is stronger when citizens become active participants by registering to vote and casting ballots. There is no reason that turnouts (though usually around 60%) should not be in the 80 percentile. In addition to the Presidential race, plenty of local elections will also take place in November that will deeply impact all our lives.

Plenty of potential voters aren't registered and may not know where to go to get information about how to do so in time. With many deadlines to register to vote quickly approaching in early October, it's a great time for the candidates to come together to send a common message that all of us should be sure to be ready for this year's election. These guys have a lot of influence. They could even film it before or after a debate!

Join me in signing the petition to ask Obama and Romney to come together and make a public service announcement encouraging everyone to get out the vote!

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