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Legalization of GM604 by ensuring speedy approval from FDA for ALS patients

Petition For Approving Drugs For ALS

The Obama administration is urged to consider legalization of GM604 by ensuring speedy approval from FDA for ALS patients.

ALS is the short form of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a neurologically degenerative disease that currently afflicts about thirty thousand Americans and their families. Currently there is no legalized cure for this condition. However, GM604 offers promise of cure for those suffering this condition. FDA approval is necessary to grant legal access to this treatment method.

Speedy approval is necessary to provide people with ALS fast access to the legalized treatment. People with ALS need to have a chance for treatment and not die without having received any treatment. The FDA can be moved to take necessary action when this petition reaches the Obama administration.

We urge your support in this matter to ensure a speedy approval from FDA by getting this petition recognized by the Obama administration. This will provide a glimmer of hope for a cure to all PALS in our country and worldwide.

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