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Award Medal Of Freedom To Four Fire Fighters

Petition To Award Medal Of Freedom To Four Fire Fighters

The Obama administration is petitioned to award the Medal of Freedom to the four fire fighters who were attached by a gunman on the Christmas Eve of 212 at West Webster in New York.

At a time when the holidays have begun, four fire fighters responded to a call for assistance at 5.30 am in the morning on 24th December 2012. The call came in from West Webster, New York and on arriving on the scene, they were ambushed by a gunman. While two of the men died on the scene from the gunshot wounds, the other two suffered injuries that were life altering. Responding to emergency calls in their line of duty these men suffered with their lives at the hands of a coward.

The state is requested to award the Medal of Freedom to these men in order to commemorate their sacrifice and to hold up their example of selfless service in front of the countrymen.

Thanks to Norman Swain and team at reviewing101 who have been campaigning for this

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