OARS Letter in Support of James Kwan

OARS Letter in Support of James Kwan

April 12, 2022
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Started by Laura Alie

Dear OARS Board of Directors,

As the parents of the OARS men’s novice and varsity teams, we are writing to request that James Kwan be immediately reinstated as Interim Head Coach of the OARS Men’s Rowing program to finish out the season with his athletes. 

James has carried the men’s program tirelessly for the past six years. His outstanding technical ability and dedication brought these athletes to the national level. Without James’ knowledge and expertise, many rowers would not be where they are today, including those recruited by competitive rowing colleges. The huge outpouring of support for his reinstatement shows that James has garnered the respect, appreciation, and admiration from past and current rowers and their families. 

The current OARS athletes could not have been more clear - James is their coach, it is James’ plan that has led to their success, and they need to continue with the coach that has put them in such a strong position to succeed going forward.

We request that you reinstate James immediately as interim coach for the following reasons:

  1. The OARS Board stated there are no SafeSport violations against James.
  2. The Board has not attended any practices for over six months. 
  3. The Board ignored Helen Saunders’ request to reinstate James even though she’s the only coach who has worked with and experienced James’ coaching style. 
  4. Some of the senior athletes are still actively being recruited by colleges for next year; the outcome of upcoming regattas could impact the rest of their lives. 

A Board that is in touch with the OARS community, has the athlete’s best interests in mind, and functions as stewards of the organization would NEVER pull the plug on the continuity of training with James within a month of Regionals.

We are fully in support of James as our children’s coach, and we respectfully request that he immediately be reinstated to avoid further disruption to our athletes and to their chances for success in the current rowing season.


OARS parents, rowers, and alumni



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Signatures: 321Next Goal: 500
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