Support John Foster - MOHA RED Coach

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After 7 years of dedicated coaching for Oakville Rangers Hockey Club, John Foster has recently been told he does not have a coaching spot in the minor league red division. 

Two coaches have been brought up from the white division with no warning or no clear reason for John not receiving a spot, or his assistant coaches even being offered a position.

John has coached with this organization for 7 years and has dedicated many volunteer hours to the development of our boys. We feel that he goes above and beyond what the average coach offers to the team.

Although we have only been with John for two of the seven years, his dedication to the fundamentals of hockey and skill improvement has been very impressive. He does not go for the frills of sweatshirts or hats but dedicates all of the teams resources to extra ice time, training and tournaments.

Johns own personal time preparing weekly practice training materials (via email) for the boys to become familiar with prior to practice time to avoid waisting time on the ice is the first time any coach has done this in our experience. He also encourages the boys to attend games early to do cardio and stretching before games, again a first in our experience. This is all on his own time and is a testament to his own personal dedication to the development of his players throughout the years.

John deserves his spot on the bench and our support. He is a very dedicated coach and has developed several years over the years.

Hoping that many of you will do the right thing and support John Foster.