Oakland University Housing: Save Student Jobs

Last year, I applied to Nightwatch for this current year with the knowledge that Nightwatch paid for student housing. Once being offered the position, that benefit was removed and was changed to $10/hour. In previous years, there were two people working in a Nightwatch station, so if somebody needed to go and deal with a problem or needed to take a bathroom break, that was possible. This year, to cut back, they've replaced the second Nightwatch attendant with a "floater", who covers all the buildings for the night who you can call to come take over for a few minutes should you need a bathroom break. Some nights, there is no floater scheduled, leaving you for five hours by yourself with no breaks, because you can't leave the station, even for a moment. This all culminated in the university removing the position at the last second, offering a 10 hour maximum desk job as a replacement.

Ethan Tocco, United States
6 months ago
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