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Drop funding from Chevron and Wells Fargo for Oakland Pride 2012

Chevron & Wells Fargo's atrocious behavior is well-documented. As we speak, homes that Oaklanders and our neighbors purchased through predatory loans from Wells Fargo are being repossessed, and Richmond's residents and the residents of nearby cities are being poisoned due to major oversights on the part of Chevron. These are small pieces in a big picture of extreme corporate irresponsibility by both of these corporations that negatively affects not just our immediate community but our country, people around the world, and the planet that sustains us.

The beautiful city of Oakland has been and continues to be a hub of progressive action, community organizing, and modeling of the possibility of community solutions to some of our biggest problems. Oakland's LGBTQ community and our allies deserve a better Pride celebration than one that is sponsored by some of our nation's biggest offenders in the corporate oppression game.

Corporate sponsorships from Chevron & Wells Fargo are unacceptable for an event that is supposed to be about liberation & celebration. Oakland Pride, let's find a better way.

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