Fix the unsafe bike lanes on Telegraph Avenue and save Oakland First Fridays!

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The "protected" bike lanes on Telegraph Avenue are unsafe, put an unfair burden on local businesses and threaten the future of Oakland First Fridays.

Safety issues were apparent immediately after their installation in 2016, and reported to OakDOT by the KONO Community Benefit District: the row of parked cars means drivers can’t see bike lane traffic when turning, and cars drive and park in the bike lanes. Local tax revenue has dropped, and accidents and our Street Ambassadors report seeing accidents and near-misses on a daily basis.  

In spite of this, and a promised community meeting so concerns could be heard, nothing was done until a cyclist was struck and injured by a turning car in June. OakDOT then installed bollards along and in the middle of Telegraph.

But cars still can't see bike lane traffic, and still drive and park in the lanes. Bollards are already dirty and damaged from being run over, and their presence makes it impossible for Oakland First Fridays to resume.

We call on the City to replace this failed project with safer buffered bike lanes, which will allow for full visibility of cyclists, minimize impact on local merchants, and ensure that First Fridays will return.