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Reject the unreasonable restrictions in the Oak Grove Animal Ordinance proposal

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This petition seeks to bring awareness to the city of Oak Grove residents and council members in regards to proposed changes to the animal ordinances. 

The proposed changes are unreasonably restrictive, on par with home owner's association ordinances, and not suitable in any way to the character or demographics of our area. Our city, being largely agrarian, is rooted in tradition and agricultural ways of life. Passing of this ordinance would in effect make it impossible to retain may small animals kept in abundance in this area, including chickens, ducks, quail, turkeys, goats, rabbits, horses and many other species. 

The proposed changes would make it unreasonably expensive and difficult to keep any pets or animals beyond canine or feline companions. The proposed changes would have the most impact on low to middle income residents. The requirements to own any animals other than cats or dogs would include the drafting of plans, application for and purchase/building of housing that exceeds attainable standards for most low-income residents, up to and including survey of property, inspection of structure, and approval of building materials by the codes department. 

While animal welfare and public safety are of utmost importance, the current ordinances as they stand are more than adequate to address the voiced concerns meant to be addressed by the new ordinance. 

As written, if the ordinance passes, many individuals, retired members of the community, service members and their families, would be faced with expensive renovations, loss of animal companions, or most unfortunately, a complete relocation. For those relocating, it would mean that the properties they have invested in for the purpose of animal ownership and husbandry have been empty investments. 

Instead of the proposed changes, I respectfully request a review and other considerations be made. I feel, as do those undersigned, that the better resolution would be enforcement of current standing policy across the board, and that those residential, higher income communities that desire stricter limits consider home owner's associations to address pointed concerns in smaller areas. 

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