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Oak Brook Park District - Central Park Improvement Plan!!

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On September 12, 2017, the Village Trustees will vote whether to approve or deny a special use permit for the Central Park Improvement Plan.  The Oak Brook Park District is required to obtain a special use permit as Phase 2 of the plan - includes the construction of a fully accessible, multi-purpose clubhouse, and the installation of synthetic turf on field 1. The Village Trustees will take into consideration the opinion of two recommending boards, the Plan Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals.  The Plan Commission unanimously voted to recommend the special use permit with a vote of 6-0. The Zoning Board of Appeals voted to recommend denial of the special use permit by a vote of 4-2.

We, the residents of Oak Brook, fully support the Oak Brook Park District’s Central Park Improvement Plan. 

The plan benefits residents of all ages. It will improve accessibility to walking paths; increase the safety and playability of the existing ball fields; improve the environmental sustainability of the park; reduce light spillage from the ball fields; make the ball field spectator areas and parking areas ADA accessible; and provide a safe place for all people, regardless of age or ability, to play.

We urge the Oak Brook Village Trustees to approve the Special Use Permit for the Oak Brook Park District Central Park Improvement Plan on September 12, 2017.


Need more information about the Central Park Improvement Plan?? Read Below:

Central Park Improvement Project Details: The Oak Brook Park District Central Park Improvement Plan is part of  a long term master vision. This project includes improving walking paths, developing a Universal Playground, adding outdoor fitness stations, increasing sustainability practices, and improving the accessibility and safety of the existing ball fields. This project will be funded by capital improvement funds and OSLAD Grant funding. We are seeking private donations to upgrade the creative play area to a Universal Playground.

What is a Universal Playground?
"It’s important to clarify that a Universal Playground is not just a playground for individuals with disabilities,” says Natalie Mackay, founder of Unlimited Play. “This facility would be carefully designed to consider the needs of all people. From parents and grandparents that have limited mobility with typically abled children to families that have a child with special needs, the park would provide a fun, interactive environment where everyone could experience the benefits of play together.” 

The park would feature innovative equipment carefully selected to not only meet the unique needs of all users, but to provide opportunities for social and active interaction such as:

A Roller Slide:
Roller slides provide a fun and safe experience for kids with cochlear implants. Kids with cochlear implants cannot utilize regular slides, as the static build-up could damage their implants. Roller sides prevent static build-up. Roller slides also offer sensory feedback for those with numbness in their lower extremities, helping to develop full-body awareness.

Revolution Spinner:
These accessible spinners provide proprioceptive movement experiences and encourage cooperation.

Musical Instruments:
Music is an inherently inclusive activity that enhances cognitive skill and reduces anxiety. The play and music panels will promote multi-generational play, and encourage social interaction and creativity.

Side by Side Track Ride:
This unique piece of equipment will provide children of all abilities the sensation of flight and promote vestibular stimulation.

 The Central Park Improvement Project also includes:

-Central Park Walking Path Improvements
Improvements will focus on better pedestrian safety and circulation throughout the ball field area. It will also provide ADA access to the ball fields. Currently, those requiring use of a wheelchair are unable to access the spectator portions of the field. Access is limited.

-Improved Parking
We will add 18 spaces, accessible lot, tennis center overflow lot will be resurfaced. Parking lot will be accessible with direct access to the Universal Playground. Fitness stations will be accessible.

-Accessible Outdoor Fitness Stations

-Green watershed initiatives including Ginger Creek improvements and permeable brick pavers

-Ball field improvements
Improved spectator seating will be incorporated into field one. The field will be enlarged to allow for Pony Level Play and a grass infield will be added. A larger backstop will be installed to improve the barrier between foul balls and spectators. Outfield grading will be completed to achieve better drainage increase player safety. Light poles that are currently in the field of play will be relocated to prevent injuries.

-Energy efficient lighting improvements
LED lighting will properly illuminate the ball and the playing field to increase player safety. It will also drastically reduce light spillage outside the playing field. Furthermore, LED technology uses less electricity, making the lights less expensive to operate and reduces stress on energy grid. LED technology has a much longer lifespan than traditional HID fixtures which reduces maintenance and replacement costs.  

 Thank you in advance for your time and attention!

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