Keep the tennis courts at Carnarvon Park

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Thanks to all the supporters of the Carnarvon Park Tennis Courts!

Thanks to everyone who has signed the petition to save the Carnarvon Park Tennis Courts! We are now at 560 supporters!

If you get a chance, please complete the Oak Bay Parks online survey. Please do not select the option to remove the tennis courts (Concept A and Concept B both include the removal of the tennis courts.) Instead, please skip that question and simply write in the comments box that you  would like to keep the tennis courts and have them re-surfaced. Here is the link to the online survey:

Also, if you get the chance, please write to the Oak Bay Mayor and Council. They can be reached via email at:;

Please ask the Oak Bay Mayor and Council to please keep and re-surface the Carnarvon Park tennis courts and to include the tennis community in its engagement process.


Penny Lloyd
3 years ago