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THS Prom Mess: Help Alert Staff of Misconduct and Extend Deadline Now!!!

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I have never witnessed such a lack of professionalism and respect as was demonstrated by Ms. Ajileye on April 28th when I went to speak to her about my prom guest form.

Prom guest forms were originally due April 21st . This was an unfair and unreasonable deadline because:

  • It was more than a month before the date of our prom (May 26th) 
  • April 11-17 BCPS was on spring break 
  • April 17-21 private schools were on spring break 
  • Because of spring break dates, prom guest would have to be decided in late March, early April to get form signed by school official on time (which is unreasonably early to already know who prom date will be) 
  • Due date was not advertised to the senior class: no robocalls home, no forms passed out in homeroom, no statement about form in newsletter or any copies or announcements of due date on towson website 

Upon hearing about this difficult situation, our senior advisor told us that the deadline was extended to today, April 28th . The announcements on April 24th  also said the due date was extended to April 28th. However, when many other seniors and I went to turn in our forms, Ms. Ajileye stated that she refused to take our forms for the following reasons:

  • "I am the boss. I said the 21st of April is the deadline. The announcements were wrong and it is not my fault, nor my job to correct them or alert the students of this." 
  • "There was never miscommunication between me and my staff." 
  • "There was never miscommunication between me and the senior class." 
  • She then concluded with: "I don't know why we're still talking about this! What don't you understand?" 

Her statements were wildly hypocritical and condescending. She claimed that she was in charge, yet said she was not responsible for the confusion with deadline dates. She claimed that there was no miscommunication, yet there were two deadline dates floating around. Her constant denial of any responsibility was almost humorous. Many seniors and parents have tried speaking with her this week only to be met with rudeness and overall disregard of the situation. As a student, it is disheartening to know that the problems we are facing will be dismissed by the administration that is supposed to help make sure that each student feels heard and safe.

We are asking for:

  • The deadline for prom guest forms to be extended to May 10th  (same due date as last year)
  • An apology from Ms. Ajileye for her mishandling of this situation and an explanation on how she plans to address this better in the future 

Communication between the administration and student body has to be improved. If we keep brushing things like this off, the relationship between staff and students will never get better. Hopefully, the Towson High administration will not brush this petition off. We will be waiting for your reply.

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