Awareness Regarding Foster Care

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On February 19th of 2019, my friend David was unfortunately taken from me. David's mother was faced with certain conditions of which she was unable to take care of him. David placed his trust in Canada's foster care system, which failed him miserably. He was constantly transferring from school to school and town to town. David was unable to have the experience that most people take for granted of having a family bond. David was an intelligent, loving, talented and hilarious young man, but his potential in foster care was never able to be reached. David was placed in a foster home with seven other children, in which there was not much adult supervision. Another child in the home made the ignorant decision to take David's life away from him. I can not begin to explain the overwhelming amount of pain and suffering this has brought my self as well as David's friends in family. Although I wish I could bring him back, it is impossible, but it is still possible to prevent another tragedy. The foster care system in our country is complete and utterly damaged and unsafe for our youth. Less than three percent of foster care children receive proper education, the type that you and I have. Only half of the kids in foster homes will be employed by twenty four. Sixty percent of the children will be convicted of a crime because of the lack of guidance. Children who age out of foster care at eighteen are on their own, with no preparation for the future, money, or family. David was more than a number and a statistic, just like every single child in foster care. We need to raise our voices and make a change, these children are suffering but we ignore their cries for help. By signing the petition I have created, we will alert the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies, and other organizations responsible for foster care and brainstorm ways with them to make a change. Please do not let my friend David down, sign the petition.