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Today, less than 2 weeks before Christmas, O2 has emailed many of its customers to tell them they are increasing their monthly tariffs.

O2 say a clause in the small print of the contract means that O2 can change the tariff whenever they decide. If customers want to end the contract they will have to pay to end the contract early. So whilst O2 can change the contract terms – there is little customers can do.

I’ve been a loyal customer of O2 for years. I made my decision to contract with O2 based on the package at a set tariff price. I don’t think mobile phone companies should be allowed to change the terms of their contract part way through. It means customers can never know how much they may end up paying. The clause that allows them to do this is completely unfair.

O2 say they care about customers so if enough customers complain and sign this petition we will send a clear message to O2 bosses that they should change their minds and stick with the original tariffs.

Mobile phone companies should not be able to abandon contracts they’ve agreed with customers.

We’ve kept up our end of the bargain - now O2 should do the same.


Letter to
Complaint Review Service O2
O2, Head of Consumer Marketing Martin Bould
I am calling on 02 to stick to its contract and not increase tariffs mid-way through customers' contracts.

Many customers take out mobile phone contracts based on set tariffs. Now these customers are being told that the tariff will increase. If customers want to end the contract they will have to pay to end the contract early.

It is unfair to customers that 02 has the right to change contract terms mid-way through.

Please keep to the original contract and honours the tariff price you originally agreed with your costumers.

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