Compensation for BTS ARMY by O2 for cancelling Priority Tickets just 14 hours before sale.

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"We know so many of you are excited about BTS and eager to buy tickets. To clarify there is no O2 presale on Wednesday 30th May." - stated by the O2 just 14 hours before Priority Tickets were scheduled to go on sale.

It's no secret that thousands of ARMYs were preparing for the O2 Presale tomorrow, which is why the sudden cancellation has not been taken positively. It is both unprofessional and insulting to the people who cancelled their plans and to those who even took time off from work in order to buy tickets. 

O2 have likely made a lot of money from what can be called a "scam" due to the high number of simcards that were bought and topped up with a minimum of £10 in order to access O2 Priority. Every O2 concert is supposed to have Priority Tickets available, as promised by O2 themselves, thus the poor communication on O2's part is deceitful to their customers and we must be compensated for this in some way.