BTS Tickets; Pre-Sale Cancellation.

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So, less than 24 hours before the Pre-Sale of tickets for BTS' 2018 Tour, the O2 announced the Pre-Sale was cancelled.


At such short notice, their actions came across as disgusting to both long term customers and to new customers who switched providers for a chance for tickets. It's vulgar that such a big company willing led everyone on in false hope for tickets, and seemingly look as though it was a ploy to gain more customers.


They had a month, and in that month continued to announce tickets WOULD be Priority. It was plenty of time for someone to realize they shouldn't and remove them, so why was it left until the lats minute?


It's conclusively utterly disgusting and this petition is to show how many people are furious at the news. This doesn't happen for other bands and groups on Priority, so why should this be any different?


Give us answers or give us Priority.


Please sign this petition if you've been affected by the last minute disgraceful moves of the company, or view their actions are ridiculous, ect* 


Thank you ARMY.