A saúde do município de Japeri.

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The problem we want to solve is the health of the municipality of Japeri, in which I live. Because the health of the municipality is currently not good, we do not have a maternity hospital. we do not have the emergency hospital, we do not have good care at the health posts because of the lack of doctors and staff so that the quality of Health is good. We need a maternity ward that has a neonatal and an emergency hospital that does minor surgeries. If my municipality was currently in good health, the population would not have to move in their municipality to another neighboring municipality in search of quality medical care, since we do not have this quality care in ours. That is why I chose health to speak in this report. If the governor of our municipality invest more in health in education we would have a quality health and a quality education then we would have a better future. Once health education has to walk interconnected.