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Puhoi intersection at SH1 has become very dangerous. There are numerous near misses with cars pulling out onto SH1 heading South and also North. Puhoi has many residents, tourists and day trippers every day. With the population of Auckland expanding north, traffic heading south to Auckland City to work every day. Locals see many near misses every day, as the problem increases. 

Reducing the speed limit to 80km (North of Puhoi) near Hungry Creek Road, inline with the Toll Road signs, and joining up to the existing 80km limit south of the Puhoi intersection, will make turning onto SH1 much safer for everyone. This would be a first step in the right direction, at a very low cost.

If this is not done as soon as possible, life will be lost, involving locals in one way or another, all it be to rescue, or to be recovered.

What Locals Say:

  • I was almost taken out by a huge truck heading southbound this morning! All was clear and I could not even see the truck coming from the north when I pulled out towards Silverdale and by the time I reached the 80km zone I was hurtling along at almost 120km just to avoid a huge truck coming up my rear!! (Angela)
  • in 2 weeks I have with witnessed 2 near deaths, both older people pulling out in front of trucks when I was next in line .. one pulled out in front of a shipping container transporter coming one way, and cars coming the other at 100km, squeezed though by the grace of God. The other was a woman last night at around 6pm who pulled out in front of a concrete truck, which hauled it's breaks on to avoid running over the of her tiny slow car. (Sarah)
  • I have pretty much given up floating my horse out at the weekend cause we can't get out. (Michelle)
  • Extending the 80kph about 600m will help, and also a true "seagull" turning lane in yellow would be a great help and allow traffic to turn and merge as long as the speed is reduced. (Kevin)

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