NZQA changes for Auckland lockdown

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Auckland, being the only city in New Zealand to reach a level three lockdown for the second time this year has been the cause of concern amongst many students at NCEA levels 1 through 3. We appreciate the initial changes made in the country's first lockdown but due to another lockdown for Auckland, students feel disadvantaged compared to the rest of New Zealand. While the rest of the country has had the ability to attend school and have one on one guidance from their teachers, Auckland students are set back and are behind in terms of the preparation for externals at the end of the year. It is hardly fair for Auckland students to walk into exams after missing a total of 11 weeks (an entire long term) of in-school learning.

As we are now fully aware of how quickly circumstances can change, moving from alert level 1 to 3 overnight. The thought of mock exams being just around the corner (1-2 weeks away) is truly terrifying for secondary school students. This is because, in the event of a third wave, these results will be used as our end of year marks. We have practically missed all preparation weeks leading into mocks and do not feel as prepared as we would be having been at school. At home, education doesn’t cut it for those who are used to being in a classroom environment. Most external standards can not be taught to the level in which a student can excel. 

We have developed a few alternative solutions to this issue:

  • Passed internal credits upped: This would allow students to gain an extra few credits in potentially three or so past internals e.g in a previously passed three credit internal you can gain an extra few credits. 
  • Merit and Excellence credits giving you more credits also: This solution means that for every internal, more credits are offered based on the results. An achieved grade could result in one extra credit, whereas merit could gain an extra two credits, and excellence could gain an extra three.
  • Adding more internal standards for those who wish to do them: This would be optional for those seeking additional credits before the externals at the end of the year. This would allow those who wish to put in the extra work or those who do better under internal conditions to gain extra credits with more certainty of gaining the qualifications they need 
  • External notes: By notes, we do not mean ‘open book’. Some internals already offers the chance for students to bring in small words or phrases that will prompt them. As supervisors already check entrance papers and calculators upon arrival into an exam, they would also check these note papers. 

We kindly ask if it is possible to review these options in order to help relieve the stress on students.


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