Retain Grant Brookes as NZNO President. The whole NZNO majority votes who President is.

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From NZNO members who support NZNO President Grant Brookes, sign this petition with (ESSENTIAL YOUR NZNO MEMBERSHIP NUMBER AS PROOF OF NZNO MEMBERSHIP) your NZNO membership number, REJECTING the NZNO Board of Directors "Proposal to remove current NZNO President Grant Brookes from office for misconduct" (see enclosed photo attached below from Memo Musa to NZNO members communicating the same) which will endorse your continued support, for NZNO President Grant Brookes, and to demonstrate your vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the power/judgement held by the NZNO Board of Directors.

The NZNO Board of Directors is proposing a resolution to remove current NZNO President Grant Brookes from office for misconduct which is not specified by NZNO, which constitutes character assassination of the NZNO President, and lack of good faith communication/organisation ethics on behalf of the NZNO BOD.

You have one month to show your continued support for Grant Brookes as NZNO President, in rejecting this proposal put forth by current NZNO Board of Directors, in signing this petition which will be given to your regional council/colleges and sections, National Student Unit and Te Runanga, so that the democratic majority of the NZNO memberships voice is heard at the Special General Meeting which the current Board of Directors don't want the NZNO members participating in - an issue of NZNO Presidency which the NZNO entire membership is entitled to vote upon.

What the current NZNO Board of Directors are attempting to do is to limit the democracy of the NZNO membership, whom the Board of Directors are obliged to listen to and serve. The NZNO Board of Directors are attempting to dictate to the NZNO membership a majority membership democratic issue which requires a majority membership vote. In proposing to remove Grant Brookes as NZNO President, via this proposal, they are deviating from majority democracy of the NZNO membership. NZNO President Grant Brookes was elected into the NZNO President role by a democratic majority vote from NZNO members.

From Grant Brookes sent 15.08.19 "Voting is now under way for NZNO members to elect a new Board of Directors.
The current Board, whose term of office is due to end on 17 September, has decided that NZNO member representatives from Regional Councils, Colleges and Sections, the National Student Unit and Te Rūnanga should also vote on whether I continue as your President. This vote will take place at a Special General Meeting in Wellington on 16 September. (how to find your NZNO regional council)