Service to all! Vaccinated or not!

Service to all! Vaccinated or not!

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Started by Tangata Whenua

As you are all aware our New Zealand government and Prime minister Jacinda Ardern have mandated Covid vaccines and are trying to enforce them onto us as well as our tamariki (Children). Apart from supermarkets, education and Health care they have restricted us to only be allowed access to services involving close contact if you are vaccinated.

EVERYONE has the choice to be vaccinated or to not be vaccinated.
EVERYONE should still have the option to get a hair cut, get their nails done, go to a movie, a concert or restaurant or on holiday and or to a resort ect

Sign this petition for change to make Our New Zealand government aware of the change that we want to this systematic rule.


CANCEL THE GOVERNMENT RULE: Services will be denied unless vaccinated.

Don’t wait for this to be the social Norm.

Make the change now!

If Vaccinated provide Vaccine Passport and If Unvaccinated provide a recent covid free test in order to receive service.

Kia Ora whanau,

Thank you for your support!

36 have signed. Let’s get to 50!