Safe crossing for children and residents

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The Halswell area has seen unprecedented growth in the past two years with vast numbers of new housing areas developed, new homes completed, new residents arriving and more to come. One of the many affected areas is Halswell School which has seen huge roll increases (and led to the creation of new schools in the area, with two currently in build). Sadly none of these things has helped provide safer crossing for our children on Halswell Road by the school.

The junction at Larsens and Halswell Road is becoming more dangerous everyday with near misses for children and cars plus increased traffic numbers - including increased numbers of vehicles that won't stop at the school crossing (or that try to undertake to get past turning traffic, or drive on the footpath!). With a larger populous now living in the areas behind the school using this junction as a thoroughfare, this is also adding to the congestion which occurs not only at school drop-off/pick-up and morning rush but at many other times of the day.

I have seen in person a child almost hit whilst trying to cross the road outside of school crossing times when a car stopped to let them through and a van didn't stop or see him it was terrifying. These events are becoming too frequent and I sincerely feel it's not an IF but sadly a when will someone be hurt or killed.

As a local resident, my family and I often walk whether it is to the school, the Quarry, the tennis courts or just around with the dog and need to cross Halswell Road to do so. It is very dangerous particularly when cars are trying to exit Larsens Road at high-speed to get through a break in traffic. There is limited visibility around the corner (coming from Sparks Road end of Halswell Road) and cars are doing 60. This is a recipe for disaster.

We urgently need to look at both the traffic management of the area - should Glovers Road have lights and be the main access? Should the exit of Larsens Road onto Halswell Road be left turn only? Should the speed limit be reduced? Should we have a pedestrian over-bridge for safer access to the school AND to help with traffic? There are various options but currently we have nothing, and nothing in progress so we need a plan and action now. Please join me in petitioning the New Zealand Transport Authority to take action immediately and make sure we can provide a safe passage for our children, our residents and our future residents.

Please help us to highlight this issue and make change possible by signing and sharing this petition to help make for a better safer Halswell, Canterbury and Country.


Concerned Parent and Resident