Promote Covid awareness by getting the All Blacks to do the Haka while washing their hands

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Rohin Adams
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Help me make all the football codes and their players aware that they need work harder to encourage their fans to prevent the spread of Corona virus.

People don't like being lectured by politicians or taught complicated new phrases and old habits die hard.

As a builder my observation is that among tradespeople, staff, suppliers and friends – the public health messages - wash hands, stay home, don't invite your mates over - are just not getting through - or just not fast enough.

The NRL, AFL ARU, FFA, NZRU and others - all of these organisations have the power and connection to fans to change this and save so many lives. They are concerned with their own predicament which is understandable but its time them became concerned with helping their fans and the general public cope with Covid19, this will not only save lives, but it will be good for the future of their sport.

My idea is to battle the virus with viral video

The idea

I want  the NZRU to encourage a handful of players from the NZ Rugby Team - the All Blacks to pick up their phones, take the phone into the kitchen or bathroom, set it up or get their partner to film them while they wash their hands - as per public health guidelines - while doing the haka - yep the hallowed war cry, preparing for battle right!! and post on social media with a messages of stay home, don't invite your mates over, don't go out unnecessarily, socialise online through video chat, look after those around you that need help or don't understand what is happening – plain language the messages health officials need them to hear and absorb.

It needs to be done today not tomorrow,

........and if anyone knows Hugh Jackman, he can do the same but not the Haka, Hugh can sing or chant whatever he wants.