NZ Post to change their shipment options to plastic free

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As a private person and through running a business involved in daily postage I come across the issue quite often that it is cheaper to buy a prepaid plastic bag from NZ Post than wrapping my parcel in paper.

I try to go waste free and don't want to produce more plastic through purchasing these plastic bags.

I feel it is not fair towards me as a private person and a business owner to charge more for my handwrapped paper parcels than for plastic bags. If I want to post with signature required it is even more expensive. And I am not talking about a few cents, it's even double the price or more.

I would love to see NZ Post assess this issue and take action, especially since we live in a world where plastic is threatening our environment and our future on this planet. It's a global issue and we should not look down, we should face it.

I ask NZ Post to reply to my concern and explain

1. why it is set up this way (as it doesn't make sense to me)

2. to take a clear position why it hasn't been changed already

3. offer doable solutions for customers instead of making them pay more

I am a customer and would like to support NZ Post, but as a customer I also expect that my needs are met and that I get a reply to a complaint.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting this!