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Help put a stop to mountain/road bike theft

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This petition is in response to the huge increase of both mountain and road bike theft in Christchurch. While we're focusing on Christchurch, we're aware this is happening all over NZ so the more support we can all get, the better. Everyone knows someone who has had their pride and joy stolen and we need to stop this happening as much as we can.

Lately there's been far too many bikes being stolen, and various youth gangs seem to be behind a large portion of it in Christchurch. Some of them are blatantly selling these bikes on Facebook pages, while riding them around the city. From talking to some of the victims, it's clear that the Police just aren't doing enough about it! It may be it's because of the weak NZ Justice system not backing up the police with lackluster sentences, the age of the offenders, or simply because the Police are massively understaffed and under resourced. Understandably they're busy, but this has grown beyond few isolated instances into a massive problem. The spate of thefts is also causing insurance premiums for bikes to rise through the roof too and this affects us all.

What we want is the support of the mountain/road biking community, all it takes is a few clicks! We want to show the Police that there's a huge public interest in solving these thefts. We want to take these signatures to the Police, the media and anyone who'll listen and we're hopeful it'll create some pressure and it'll result in some action. Action which will hopefully result in a crackdown and a big reduction in missing bikes! Share this petition with your friends, your work mates and let's put some pressure on the issue!

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