Youth offenders from 13 years upwards of bullying and assault charged

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This petition is to make a stand against bullying, Cyber bulling and Assaults from youth ages 13 years upwards. My 13 year old  daughter was physically  assaulted in broad daylight it was a savage attack while with her friend. This girl who assaulted my daughter posted online and gloated about the assault on my girl. Bullying is an everyday thing to so many out there far too many are victims of constant torment, at school, on social media (cyber bullying) to  physical assault, We also have a high rate of youth suicide and many self harming. This petition is to make a stand for a law change to see youth offenders charged to be held accountable for there actions.These vicious assaults on youth from youth are occurring way too much and they get away with it its not ok.

Youth aid justice in NZ states All children aged between 10-13 have a rebuttable presumption of incapacity to commit a crime, young persons aged 14-16 may be prosecuted for any crime unless a higher age limit is stated in the specific legislation.

 For us Any youth aged 13 years upwards to 16 should be charged for assault,( Those 17 yrs and older are charged as adults) adults are charged with assault why is it any different for youth it shouldn't be. No person has the right to victimise another to lay a hand on them to inflict harm to another. (We) my youngest daughter and I want change and we want it done ASAP. We want not another young person to be another victim of bullying and assault ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Please join us in making a stand for justice for the victims of bullying that the youth  offenders  are charged to see them held accountable for there actions. For laws to change in NZ  for youth offenders.