Fight for Fairness - Save Southland!

Fight for Fairness - Save Southland!

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Fight for Fairness - Save New Zealand's Aluminium Smelter.

We need Change to the current power transmission inequality!

We don’t want a hand out – we just want fair!

Without a fair, drastic and timely change by the Government of current power transmission costs, the Tiwai Aluminium Smelter may close. This potential closure will affect more than just the 2200 direct and indirect jobs – it will decimate our communities and economy.

Therefore we are asking you to fight for our economic wellbeing, our social wellbeing, and a fair deal from the Government ! We are NOT fighting for a handout.

The Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter is a massive contributor to New Zealand’s economy, spending around NZD$450 million every year and accounting for 6.5% of Southland's GDP, with export revenue of around $1 billion each year. It is absolutely critical to the economic wellbeing of Southland. 

It has been charged nearly $200 million over the past 10 years for transmission infrastructure it does not use to take power from our hydro-rich region to the North Island. The team at Tiwai has had no choice but to absorb these costs which has placed undue pressure on the operation.

Southland and, in fact, the South Island, is paying exorbitant and unfair rates for power transmission. The South Island generators currently pay the whole cost of the cable carrying electricity between the North and South islands. 

Considering the power is generated in the South Island, why should users need to pay for their power to take a massive journey when they don’t need it to go that far?

But, beyond that, it’s our people and our households in Southland that will be directly affected, and our economy devastated. The impact the smelter has in Southland and New Zealand is significant. Alongside milk powder, the smelter it is our region’s key economic driver.

We are fighting for our families. The smelter employs nearly 1000 people with another 1200 indirect jobs. In a small community, the ripple effect of a potential closure will affect us all!

Now the latest proposal for reforming transmission pricing will possibly deliver an $11 million annual reduction in costs – but not before 2024. That’s too late for Tiwai. Too late for Southland. Too late for the export revenue of around $1 billion each year and the real kicker is that the smelter will have to contribute $1 million annually for a price cap to soften price increases for consumers in the north.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!