NZ Its Time to Support Tiny Home Dwellers

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In Auckland (in fact in New Zealand) there is not a housing shortage, but people cannot afford the houses that are being sold and the rent charged. We have come to a day and age where we are embraced at buying tiny relocatable homes but its futile as banks will NOT loan money to us, and its illegal to live in a tiny home.  So in short, this push for tiny homes is a false negative - just lip service.  Again, its geared up for people who own land; for people who have money, not the real people who need a home.  Again our system supports the wealthy. Here are the issues that MUST be changed:

Those of us who can pay back a loan are declined a bank loan or even access to our Kiwisaver because:

  1. We don't own the land that the tiny home is going onto - even if we have long term leases.
  2. Kiwisaver won't let us use our savings as a deposit for the same reasons (the land).
  3. Then there's the Auckland City Council. The bureaucratic obscenities for Tiny Home or Mobile Home Residents for building consents and laws against living in mobile homes. Stop criminalizing tiny home residents.  We are just trying to live.

Need I remind you that its our government who made home and land packages ridiculously impossible to attain. Need I remind you that over 80% of the New Zealanders cannot buy. When our government allowed overseas investors purchase homes their greed kicked the people of New Zealand in the guts. Stop hating on your own people and look after us before you house and home others. Here's how:

  1. Its time that a clause be enabled for those of us to be able to succeed a personal loan or access our Kiwisavers (or at least 50% of it), particularly to those who have land to lease.  Allowing tiny home loans for those with a legally drawn up long term land lease contract that lasts the loan repayment schedule), under the conditions that the home is completely relocatable, and able to be put on a trailer and transported on New Zealand roads meeting dimension specifications.  When the loan has been paid the home owner is free to move on.
  2. The Auckland City Council must ease up on Tiny Home Residents and make it legal for us to live in these homes. They must also ease up on building consents too.  We are living in Tiny Homes or mobile homes because we cannot afford the land and house deals that they have allowed to be impossible for New Zealanders to purchase. 

Aucklander's CANNOT afford land. We never will because land and house costs have hiked impossibly high, not even a lotto win would cover it. This petition is to help the people be able to live in their tiny homes or mobile homes. Think about the people - your people New Zealand, and save us before you try save any other country from purchasing our property.