Save Auckland central small businesses

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COVID-19 and our response to COVID-19 has seen a huge number of businesses struggle to pay the bills and fall over or are significantly at risk of closing their doors. The reality is the issues Auckland central businesses are facing are the same issues that many businesses across NZ are facing. 

In Auckland central we have the largest number of businesses in the country with more than 10,000 businesses in Auckland central. A large number of these businesses have significant challenges under level 4 and level 3. We are all concerned about the impact of restrictions at level 2. Hospitality, retail and tourism related businesses are hugely impacted. Although some food businesses will be able to deliver takeaways for many businesses this will not be enough revenue. The wage subsidy has helped but it is not enough for many businesses. There is SME tax relief but many businesses need more support to make it through. We will see them fall over and thousands of jobs will be lost unless the Government and Auckland Council can do more. Our businesses need the Government to step up and deliver a commercial rental subsidy. We need the Council to provide rates relief for struggling businesses as well. Please sign this petition to help save these  businesses and thousands of jobs.