Mandatory captioning services on NZ TV & digital media

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It can be incredibly isolating being a deaf person in New Zealand. Thousands of Kiwis with hearing loss are excluded from enjoying television programmes because they cannot always hear what is going on.
New Zealand does not require captions on all TV programming, in the UK, USA, Australia and France it is mandatory. To get entertainment, educational and social value from the programmes they need to be able to read captions and audio descriptions.
The National Foundation for the Deaf wants NZ to support the 880,000 people in this country who live with hearing loss. On World Hearing Day, on March 3, the Foundation is asking you to help us lobby the Government to make captions mandatory on all TV programmes, so those who choose to use them can. We want Captions On Please!
Major live sporting events, including Super Rugby have not been captioned in New Zealand, but they are in Britain and Australia, where there is a legal requirement to do so. Sky TV captions about 17 channels, but not live sports. Some locally-produced shows on TVNZ and Three have captions, but not all. Who has the right to decide what shows a person with hearing loss can access?
New Zealand on Air has about $2.4 million of public money to provide captioning services, but only somewhere between 24 to 32 per cent of shows are captioned.
Nobody should be excluded from things we all take for granted. Please sign and share this petition so we can lobby for more captions on NZ TV and other streaming services.