Lunches for kids

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We would like to introduce free lunches to kids in NZ primary schools decile 1-3. We would like the government to fund these so that parents who have a low-income are not having to worry about affording healthy and nutritious lunches for their kids. Currently, the rate of poverty is extremely high leaving young children without food in their lunchbox. 290'000 NZ kids live in low-income households. For the kids that do have lunch, the food that they are bringing to school is not nutritious and does not provide them with the nutrients and vitamins that they need in order to thrive in the classroom. Because they either have no food or little food, it means they are unable to focus properly in the classroom and miss out on key learning/development skills. This also eventually leads to poor food education and potentially our future generation are at risk of contributing to NZ's high rate of obesity.