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Should council & spca be more proactive

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Roaming dogs are a massive issue for kaipara district & whangarei, why do you ask well these dogs are not properly cared for by there owners leaving the community's feeling unsafe, a lot of cats have been mauled to there death by dogs in certain areas of whangarei recently on a Tuesday between hours of 2.30 am and 3.30 am in the morning, suspicious activity in those times have aroused fear within the community itself, they can hear it happening & realty is why should community be doing council & spca job, that's what they should be doing...being more proactive in catching these roaming dogs & heavily speaking to owners... a recent reply said to me was * people should be ringing in when they see them* . Are you kidding me! The spca have been rung multiple times in past and not one comes out to check... 

A trap was dropped off by council to a member of community in whangarei recently and that person did not bother to do checks around area while trap was laid for these dogs! Why because they just can't be bothered. 

Is it going to take a child or adult to be seriously attacked for them to properly act! I don't think so certainly not on my watch!!

I recently, as well as others emailed the advocate about this as a warning to the public and the reply we all got back WAS NOTHING! You disgust me advocate!

You may say oh well there just cats...ARE YOU SERIOUS! these are not just cats these are beloved family pets and friends for those who are lonely like the elderly.

What I'd like to see happen to solve this is....

1. A 0800 number that's free for the community to ring in 

2. Council & spca to do more patrols in kaipara & whangarei

3. Working with nzap for the best outcome with animals

As there are no continual patrols & phone numbers ain't free. Most can not ring, why no credit & most are out n about and no way should they stay near a strange roaming dog. Most are aggressive because of hunger or abuse. Not fair putting this on the community's to do there job ah nope again this ain't happening on my watch! 

Currently nzap are doing there dirty work and again spca and council should be working with them NOT AGAINST NZAP 

I'd like to get quite a lot of significant signatures to make the above outcome happen, to make them stop living in dream land & get them back to reality that they have a responsibility to adhere to... 

If you feel the same way I do please sign & share

Let's make this happen! � 

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