Support State-Funded Bi-Weekly COVID-19 Testing For NYS Teachers

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In about 6 weeks, students across the country will be going back to school, and several state and federal legislators are insisting that in-person instruction resume immediately. Current state and CDC guidelines do not recommend that school districts provide any COVID testing for faculty and staff members. If NYS and the federal government want to stop further spread of COVID, we need responsible contact tracing. 

In order to do this we need bi-weekly COVID testing in all public schools for all faculty and support staff across NYS. Early detection is key in reducing the spread of the virus. Some state employees already receive COVID testing on a weekly basis. It is not too much to ask that teachers are provided the same level of preventative care as other essential workers and state employees.

Teachers are essential workers. Not only are teachers responsible for educating our children, they also provide necessary child care for working families. Following guidance from the federal government will result in too little, too late. Since the federal government has shown a lack of urgency, it is up to us to ensure the public health needs of our communities are fulfilled.