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Keep Buffalo Psychiatric Center in Buffalo, NY OPEN

It is crucial to keep this facility open to house and treat the mentally ill of Buffalo and Erie County New York.  BUFFALO PSYCHIATRIC CENTER TREATS 1,800 PEOPLE IN ERIE COUNTY.  We cannot have our mentally ill on the streets or in prisons.  This concerns all citizens of Buffalo and Erie County.  Now is the time to sign this and let them know we will not allow the closure of Buffalo Psychiatric Center.  NYS Office of Mental Health will be legally and morally responsible for any tragic events that occur.

We just lost additional beds and treatment for the mentally ill with the closing of Buffalo General Hospital on 6/7/13.  Where will these people go, it has now become a travesty.  Our loved ones will be on the streets.  DO NOT CLOSE OUR BUFFALO PSYCHIATRIC CENTER, PROTECT OUR MENTALLY ILL LOVED ONES AND THE PUBLIC.  PLEASE HELP US AND SIGN.  NYS OFFICE OF MENTAL HEALTH WILL BE MAKING THE DECISION TO CLOSE BUFFALO PSYCHIATRIC CENTER BY JULY 2013, WE MUST STOP THEM.  PLEASE DONATE OR JOIN NAMI.ORG TO HELP US.


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  • NYS Office of Mental Health Attn: Kristin Woodlock, Acting Commissioner

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