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Petitioning State Senator Brad Hoylman and 26 others

NYS Legislative Leaders: Sponsor and cosponsor Bill S3835 (Senate) and Bill A3525(Assembly)

This bill is to make labeling GMO foods the law. We feel that GMO Foods are dangerous to our health , the environment and all living things now and in the future. Labeling these foods will give the consumer the ability to make an informed choice.

Letter to
State Senator Brad Hoylman
LOB 654 Assemblyman Micha Kellner
LOB 530 Assemblyman Dan Quart
and 24 others
LOB 818 Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz
LOB 519 Assemblyman Karim Camara
LOB 941 Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz
LOB 327 Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak
LOB 443 Assemblyman David McDonough
LOB 546 Assemblyman Tom McKevitt
LOB 527 Assemblyman Bill Nojay
LOB 652 Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas
LOB 821 Assemblyman James Skoufis
LOB 534 Assemblyman Edward Hennessey
LOB 326 Assemblyman David Buchwald
LOB 839 Assemblyman Peter Abbate Jr.
State Senator George Latimer
LOB 814 Senator Phil Boyle
LOB 609 Senator Charles J. Fuschillo Jr.
LOB 617 Senator Terry Gipson
LOB 413 Senator Brad Hoylman
LOB 310 Senate Betty Little
LOB 306 Senate Kathleen A. Marchione
LOB 708 Senator George D. Maziarz
LOB 315 Senator Diane J. Savino
LOB 406 Senator Jose M. Serrano
LOB 802 Senator Lee M. Zeldin
LOB 827 Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages
Sponsor and cosponsor Bill S3835 (Senate) and Bill A3525(Assembly)

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