Change NYS DMV laws

Change NYS DMV laws

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Started by Cheryl Brantis

Governor Cuomo put in a law with NYS DMV for people with DUI’s of more than 3 couldn’t ever receive a drivers license in NY, this is affecting peoples livelihoods for work, paying bills, etc…etc…

We the people of NY need to stand up and fight this, there should be a statue of limitation on this order, everyone makes mistakes in their past but we shouldn’t have to pay for it 20-30 years later.

Some of the laws make sense but the majority of the laws in NY need to change and we the people are the ones that need to stand up for our human rights. Let’s stand together on this and show the democrats that we will fight.

I’m adding this in because I see  a lot of people have different views on this and I totally get it but when a person has problems due to unforeseen circumstances people tend to pickup bad habits, we all have or will at some point in our lives. I’m going to give an example without mentioning names but I know this person very well. This person doesn’t deny what was done and not making excuses for what was done, but the last DUI was in 2005 this person had a 10 year sentence on this charge in the state of Texas, including in the sentence had to do 5 years of parole got license back in state of Texas in 2010 had  to have intoxalock in vehicle until 2017, this said person has tried to let the last 20 years go, and become a better person in which who has remained to stay sober since 2005. This person works commercial construction which has been his field for the past 38 years but this requires traveling 90% of the time to different states, etc…. The last couple years since COVID hit this person was furloughed, almost lost home, etc, etc….got a job offer in NY so trying to move but been fighting with NYS DMV ever since!

So before start downing someone look at the facts and think if this was you. Does anyone believe in Sobriety? Do you know any alcoholic’s or do you understand alcoholism ? To have alcoholism or stay an alcoholic has different meaning.


49 have signed. Let’s get to 50!